To book your “ Tuscan Holiday home“ e-mail us: or telephon 0583 835595 or. Cell. 3481389702 English 0583 836217.

Apartments are rented weekly. A deposit will be payed to the confirmation of your reservation. The amount will be payed on your arrival, directly to the owner when keys are delivered, along with a deposit that will be refounded at the moment of departure. We accept paypal payment or cash, no credit cards.
The keys will be delivered between the 04 pm. and the 07 pm. and returned before 10 am.

The caution of €. 300,00 paid at the check-in, it will be returned to at the check-out, after our control in absence of damage.

Low season :January-February-March—April-November and December
Average season:May-June-September and October
High season:July-August-perods of Christmas and Easter.

For reservations in Italian language telephone n°0039 0583 835595
e- mail: